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                                                 Ethernet over DS3 Connection

With optical ethernet, access is extremely important. Optical ethernet can only be provided over fiber. In order to receive optical ethernet, the building of a business must have fiber running to it. Due to capital concentrations, optical ethernet is much more available in large “NFL” type cities, and harder (sometimes impossible) to access in rural areas. When a building has access to fiber, it is commonly referred to as a “lit” building. Thousands of business buildings in the US are currently lit with fiber. For companies that have lit buildings, bandwidth is obtainable for extremely reasonable prices. For buildings that are not lit however, running fiber to the building can be quite expensive. To understand why, imagine the challenges of gaining right of ways, and installing a fiber line between two points a mile apart in the downtown portion of major city like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Depending on the unique challenges involved in each situation, some estimate the cost to lay fiber to be as high as $400 per foot. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for a business that is within short distance of fiber access to be quite shocked at the cost to obtain fiber access over what they considered to be such a short distance. Usually, lighting a building (laying the new fiber is usually referred to as build-out) is passed directly to the business customer, but in some situations, telecom providers will absorb the cost of build-out to an unlit building to obtain a promising long term customer. However, this is determined on a case-by-case basis that varies depending on which telecom provider is involved, and the size of prospective customer. Because the rights to fiber routes are owned by such a wide variety of different telecom providers, it can be quite difficult for a business to determine fiber proximity to their buildings.  

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